Saturday, February 27, 2010

love me for me

i look like crap today.

i want to look hot tonight.

"i am me. and i won't change for anyone."
{ashlee simpson}

Friday, February 26, 2010

are you strong enough to be my man?

this morning i woke up and felt

the alarm on my phone is "rockstar" by miley cyrus.
i love waking up to this song.
and it got me thinking about this cute blog that i stumbled upon yesterday.
read "sometimes i crack myself up."
it is totally great.

so here is today's inspiration:

"hello world! i have something to offer you today!"

professor and classmates:
you have something to learn from me.

cute boy behind the counter at starbucks {or peet's or the bank or wherever he is}: 
you know you want me.

little boy who loves testing my patience:
i am so much more fun than your stupid dinosaurs.

oven / fitted sheet / pile of laundry that never goes away / big scary spider:
one day i WILL put you in your place.

book report to be written before tomorrow's deadline:
you are lucky to have me as your author.

my immediate inclination is to begin explaining and justifying my behavior in saying these things.
i'm not gonna.
i am fabulous, and i'm not going to feel bad about that today.

i hope that you are feeling fabulous today.
next time you climb in the car, look in the rearview mirror and tell yourself how great you are. are.

happy friday.

ps. this totally inspired a new playlist on my itunes. ...delish!

"guess you don't notice. guess you don't need this. sad you're not seeing what you're missing...i can fix a flat on your car, i might even be a rockstar."

Thursday, February 25, 2010

you're ruining me with secrets and gestures and looks


I am missing: these two...

and those blue eyes...

I am smiling: at the thought of the giants 2010 season.

I am running: out of time on my book report.

I am accepting: the fact that my jeans have holes in inappropriate places.

I am watching: the sun show the rain who is boss.

I am making: everyone jealous :)

I am craving: adventure {but what's new, right?}

I am loving: myself. the chai that i'm currently consuming. my job. some precious people. the idea of summer. i could go on forever, baby.
{and yes, that last sentence should sound familiar. i love that home alone is so good it makes its way into everyday life}

I am anticipating: baseball season. a visit from my bff. a great weekend.

I am listening: to an ingrid song that i just bought. she's so good i can't even handle it anymore.

I am happy: bc life is better that way.

What are you today? 
ps. i found this here. cute.

"i am all dressed up tonight, i've waited all night long. when will they finally play your song? i am in the mood to dance."
{ingrid. duh.}

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

when your world trembles and quakes...

now that i am working on my post-100 posts, i'm pretty much a seasoned veteran, yeah?
well that's how i feel, so don't pop my balloon :)

life is tough.

it's not always pretty pictures of flowers and stitchings and black tea {as seen on all of our daily blogs}.

today, as i reflect on some of the big stuff going on
{not so much in me, but in those around me}

i have to share these observations

the sun peaking out in the middle of a rainy day means something to me.

having painted nails makes me happy.

sweet texts from boy before bed help me to wake up with a smile on my face.

bumping into a newly designated "closest friend" at the coffee shop makes my day.

kind words to/from people at the gas station or grocery store will always put me in a better mood.

listening to corner, love love love, and are we there yet on repeat = catalyst for a pleasant disposition.

a reminder of God's continual love and goodness is bigger and better than anything else.

in the midst of it all...
the good, the ugly, the sad, and the lovely...

there's always room for just a smidgen of hope
i just love that.

{i would love to know what you delight in! share with me, please?}

"there is nothing left to lose, so hold onto me, i'll onto you." 
{allie moss}
ps. pretty sure i've used these lyrics before, but the song is too delicious to only share once.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

preschool didn't prepare me for this...

today is my one hundredth post. i feel excited...i like to see projects/hobbies/anything that i stick to :)

my boy's ringtone on my phone is playing on my itunes right now. i still smile every time i hear it. just saying.

anyway...some tuesday thoughts to share with you...

question: does anyone else ever feel this way?

i've realized life has made it abundantly clear to me that one of my greatest fears is being {or just feeling} misunderstood.

i'm in a spiritual direction class {don't ask...i'm still trying to figure out what that means!} and let me just show you the basic agenda of each week's meeting time:

1. sit in silence for 20 minutes {meditating, listening for God's voice, reflecting on what He says, etc.}
2. write about the experience
3. share what you experienced with a classmate
4. share with the class about your experience of sharing with the classmate
5. participate in exercise that involves introspection and deep thought {more meditating, listening, reflecting}
6. share with classmate...
7. share...
8. share...
9. share... you see the pattern??

well this is fun and all, but seriously...can't a girl get a break?
i mean...not all girls like to talk about their feelings!!!

okay okay, i say all of this jokingly. i guess the only reason it's even blog-worthy for me is bc it's one of my greatest struggles.

most of the time, i just feel like charlie brown's teacher..."WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH!" get the picture.

i'll be a 23 year old girl, just trying to develop and maintain quality relationships, i'm a little mad at my preschool teachers who were responsible for teaching me to share with others. i think they were a little too focused on our toys and not near as focused as they should've been on our emotions.

all this to say, i'm working on things.
:) :) :)
love you all.

"i could hold your hand all day."
{katie herzig}

Monday, February 22, 2010

coyote not-so-ugly?

welcome to deep, after-dinner thoughts with paul {a super wise man}!

"where the mind goes, the body will follow."


i love love love to hike. and, for the most part, i prefer doing it on my own. however, i heard one bad coyote story a long time ago, and it seems to have made a dwelling somewhere in the back of my mind. so now, every time i go out for a hike date with myself, it is always interrupted by my fear of a coyote attack. {i know, i know...silly.}

words of wisdom:

1. this is about my fear of the outcome, not the coyote itself

2. the coyote is actually a representation of peace
{it is through the coyote that i will overcome my fears and experience victory}

3. in reality, the coyote may simply be my "sister-creature" which exists, in my life, as my helper

and on a more practical level...

4. coyote attacks are ridiculously uncommon. i'm more likely to be struck by lightning.

5. worst case scenario: an attack would merely result in my contribution to the food chain.

today i am grateful for:
friends who are willing to sit with you when you are at your worst
{faded sweats, absolutely no make up...not even shimmer, rockin' a big gulp and chocolate, an emotional wreck}
the shining sun in the mid-day sky

"but how do i know if i'll make it through? how do i know? where's the proof in you? and so it goes, this soldier knows, the battle with the heart isn't easily won...but it can be won."
{ingrid michaelson} 

Sunday, February 21, 2010


my camera
a glass {or 2} of wine
tristan, ingrid, adele, colbie
and let's top it all off with a nice, firm pillow

"well i can't breathe, and i wish that you couldn't take your eyes off me. but it's never easy as it seems, is it? please, softly before i scream breathe, breathe, breathe."
{tristan prettyman}

Saturday, February 20, 2010

it's just something that gets me every time

"it's better if nobody knows what a mess you make of me"
{tristan prettyman}

Friday, February 19, 2010

oh, don't worry, we're on the list.

maybe i've been posting a ton of pictures lately.
i suppose these days i'm a woman of few words.
well...close enough.

anyway, here is the remainder of my week...

locked out of my apartment.
...breaking and entering...
do i have it in me??
{also, notice my hand. the windowsill was dirty. what a girl.}

kind of a long way down. head first, too.
{and yes, that is the condition i leave things in when i'm finished}

me and the girls at the red devil lounge.
"how can you be such a fool, baby, how can you not see how amazing i am?"

two of my favorites!
always a party with these girls.

thank you for taking a glimpse into my life!
it's a beautiful one.
i am lucky.

happy weekend to you all.

"he's every subject of every song. like the wind carries, he moves me along...he's electric."
{tristan prettyman}

Thursday, February 18, 2010

life's a beach

some pics of the beach yesterday.
i <3 my job.

last night was also exciting for me.
pictures to come.

tomorrow is friday.

"in the end, i predict you get the very best of me. so put your lips to my lips. wanna go on and take all of it. just run as fast as you can, just 'cause you can."
{tristan prettyman}
ps. thank you, sarah. the cd is completely fab.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

you make me smile

the sun is shining marvelously today.

i woke up to the smell of freshly cut grass, and couldn't help but smile.

the beach will be my office this afternoon.

ladies night out on the town.

i'm on day 2 of no makeup.
{ok that was a little lie. today i put on some shimmer so that my skin will glisten in the sun. but that's IT!}

i baked something yesterday. don't worry...i impress everyone myself sometimes.

enjoy your day, friends. it's completely fab.
{well, in the bay it is}
all my <3

"if being productive is being with you, then baby i don't want to waste another day."
{brooke fraser}

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

this is your life

today i'm giving a quick recap on the last few days.
i've seen and done some really great things...

celebration of the birth of the lovely miss sarah.
yummy italian dinner. dessert. city/star gazing on chapel hill. dessert. good times with friends.

{we were taking pictures of things we like}

something about the coast just makes me feel alive.

to me, everything about this is lovely. favorite part about all of this was the company i shared it with.

"rather than wait 'til i put me out for the taking, you're breaking, you're breaking into my heart...and i'm letting you."
{brooke fraser}

Monday, February 15, 2010

hold onto to the feelin'

yesterday was good.
it turned into a bridge day.
:) :) :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

you know i'm no good

i'll be honest...
i might be a bad girl.

i don't really get this holiday.
not really my cup of tea, i suppose.

i do love love.

and i love hearts and red and pink and doilies.

for the sake of
being a decent girl,
and not having a cold cold heart,
i wish you a happy valentine's day.

i'm going out for an adventure with my valentine  :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

you think you gangsta

i just love this.
couldn't agree more.

it's sunny today.
i'm in class, but it's so fabulous outside
that i can't even be upset about it.

"beamers and impalas. thugs and them ballers. ain't nothin' safe when them things start jiga jiga jiga jiga jiga."

Friday, February 12, 2010

have you ever thrown a fist full of glitter in the air

this morning i made a stop for coffee on my way to work.
what's new, right?
well this trip was extra...special slash bizarre.

as i was waiting for my drink,
this group of swedish men
{we're talking like eight of them}
seemed to completely take over the store

speaking swedish, congregating in one large huddle, and
staring at the women against the wall.

feeling slightly violated, and yet still completely in awe,
i immediately began wondering what they would all be doing
in this starbucks
on this day

and to top it off,
they all had on tshirts that said,
"grateful dad"


anyway, happy friday!!!
so excited for the weekend {as always}!
hoping to get some serious work done on the apt.


"have you ever wished for an endless night? lassoed the moon and the stars, and pulled that rope tight? have you ever held your breath and asked yourself will it ever be better than tonight?"
confession: i <3 pink.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

i think you're just so pleasant, i would like you for my own

feeling a little under the weather today.
however, the sunshine was beautiful this afternoon.

this makes me smile for lots of reasons. let me share a few:
1. all-time favey flower
2. it reminds me of my all-time favey movie {you should know this by now} :)
3. daisies pair perfectly with she and him {which i'm listening to now}
4. just can't help but smile when you look at these precious flowers.

i just love 'em.

confession: {like for have to promise you won't tell a soul}...
i accidentally fell asleep at work today!
fortunately my bff sent me a text, and the sound of ke$ha {love} blaring in my ear woke me up.
oops :)

"i love when you tell me that i'm pretty when i just wake up. and i love how you tease me when i'm moody, but it's never too much."
{lady antebellum...yes, again. i'm sorry...sick obsession}

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

anything goes when you don't even care

beautiful day, right??
well...i guess i can't speak for everyone.
i don't know where you are, or what you're doing.
but i'm thinking it's a beautiful day.

i slept in slash laid around and watched satc all morning.
{satc = guilty pleasure. i'm not ashamed.}
and today i have really big, wild hair.
and red lips.

it's my first day in red lipstick.
other than the millions of dates photoshoots my friends and i had in college.
i was feeling a bit anxious, as i walked out the door.
so i texted two of my besties,
who assured me that i could do it.

i cannot wear red lipstick.

i had one woman stare at me outside the bagel shop.
{you might be thinking, "jo, it's all in your head!" but i promise...she stared.}
and then my counter-friend at starbucks said,
"hello, beautiful! you're looking luscious!"

sold. done deal.
i <3 red lipstick.
and my big hair.

happy wednesday. love you dearly.

Monday, February 8, 2010

can't get you out of the sunlight

in love with this day.

i drove for 45 minutes this morning, and kept the same 3 songs on repeat. love.

move. move. move. move. move.
today i move.

last night i had one of those moments.
you know, the ones that make life completely okay.
regardless of what it actually may be.
the kind of moment where literally all that you can do is smile.

and now i'm listening to the playlist that i've had on repeat for the last week.
currently playing: corner {allie moss}. look it up. it's completely fab.


"seems i've been playing on the safe side, baby. building walls around my heart to save me, oh. but it's time for me to let it go."
{lady antebellum}

Friday, February 5, 2010

saturday in the park

dear weekend,
thank you for finally arriving.
your timing is impeccable.
i need you.
you are well on your way to becoming the love of my life.

forever yours,
jordan olivia

ps. can we double date with the sun and a glass of wine? you're the best.

"another shot of whiskey, can't stop lookin' at the door. wishin' you'd come sweepin' in the way you did before."
{lady antebellum}

Thursday, February 4, 2010

i'm not perfect, but i am free

after class i went on a little adventure through my little town, mill valley.
i just love where i live.
i decided to accept the idea of looking like a tourist with my point-and-shoot in hand, in order to obtain some quality pics of downtown.

this shop seems to consist primarily of pipes and porn.
2 of my favorite p's.
{okay, not really}

love it.
i'll probably be going back for some purchases soon.
{jesus band-aids? duh.}

one of my favorite flower shops.
although, i didn't see my favorite flower today :(

outside mill valley market

umm...yes, please.

and a few side notes:

1. i absolutely love the smell of fresh-cut grass.

2. i saw my favorite car outside peets, but i didn't have the guts to ask the guy for a pic of it
{wouldn't that seem a little creepy? or at best just slightly strange?}

3. i will be watching whip it {again} tonight, and painting my nails. so stoked.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

and it was all yellow

this morning's sunrise.
the earth was filled with color.
and beauty and wonder and goodness.

today i am grateful for:
the ability to see the world around me.
a good night's rest.
the effect a good hike will have on your mind/attitude/heart.
ingrid michaelson. katie herzig. brooke fraser. missy higgins. norah jones.
the friends i get to share life's lovely moments with.

"i'll shout aloud, what a feelin', let my tongue be still no more. now i know that it's the real thing, just try and keep me quiet about it."
{brooke fraser}

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

i will take the chain from off the doors

i tend to stare at cute babies.

i love the taste of an iced americano.

there are very few people that i actually enjoy talking to on the phone :(

i have trouble being on time.
{but not when it's really important}

i do not iron.

i believe in good.

i might have bad hearing one day bc i listen to music at such high volumes.

i think that dancing is one of life's greatest joys.

i recharge by spending quality time with someone i really care about.

i still haven't figured out how to fold a fitted sheet.

i love making friends.
{especially with people who are exactly nothing like me}

{i want to pour my whole heart into something. i'm so afraid of letting passion die.}

this is me.
take it or leave it.
you may be thinking, "thanks for that, jordan. who cares?" and that is okay. i'm not offended.
maybe this post is more for me than for my readers.

Monday, February 1, 2010

i'm smilin' now, just because

i heart hiking.
and taking pictures.

i'm pretty sure the world is just one big canvas.