Friday, February 12, 2010

have you ever thrown a fist full of glitter in the air

this morning i made a stop for coffee on my way to work.
what's new, right?
well this trip was extra...special slash bizarre.

as i was waiting for my drink,
this group of swedish men
{we're talking like eight of them}
seemed to completely take over the store

speaking swedish, congregating in one large huddle, and
staring at the women against the wall.

feeling slightly violated, and yet still completely in awe,
i immediately began wondering what they would all be doing
in this starbucks
on this day

and to top it off,
they all had on tshirts that said,
"grateful dad"


anyway, happy friday!!!
so excited for the weekend {as always}!
hoping to get some serious work done on the apt.


"have you ever wished for an endless night? lassoed the moon and the stars, and pulled that rope tight? have you ever held your breath and asked yourself will it ever be better than tonight?"
confession: i <3 pink.

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