Thursday, May 27, 2010

all i'm after

just saw this on poppytalk. delicious.
these are my faveys:

"you smile i'm cured"

called "i want you like coffee"
ugh...someone gets me :)


find them here

where i belong

today i'm thinking about my home.
not so much my current residence {still a depressing issue for me...hopefully mom will help me get it together in a week}, but the home i will someday have.

whether it will be my own personal space or the dwelling of a small and happy family, i'm still unsure.
however, i have tons of thoughts on the subject.

here are some of the things floating around in my head:
a light and breezy cottage on the beach, where we can watch the sun come up/go down from the porch every day.
a small tree house-esque fort, buried in the midst of a huge forest. full of adventure. and lots of windows for the sun to peak in through the trees.
a tiny, humble but sweet apartment, smack dab in the middle of a thriving metropolis {say san francisco or chicago, maybe?}
a vintage trailer on a big piece of land, perfect for watching the stars at night.

regardless of style or location, one word can be used to describe the feel of the home i hope to create:
{okay two words, because some version of "small" also fits each description}

i cannot help thinking of candles and big cozy throws and antique globes and huge coffee mugs and a massive sofa that completely swallows its inhabitants. and thousands of twinkle lights. i think that a space covered in twinkle lights instantly becomes something more- a home. and rocking chairs. two. either for boy and girl, madly in love. or the lovebirds together, with kids in their laps. or visits from mom or dad or sister or niece. or for catching up with lifelong friends.

yes...i like those thoughts very much.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

whew! may {or may not} have noticed that i have been somewhat out of the picture lately when it comes to blog life. turns out, when you neglect an entire semester of school, the last two weeks become infinitely valuable.

after many late nights in the city,
countless shots of espresso,
weeks of chipped nail polish,
30 pages of jordan's original thought,
and 2 fat exams,
i've hit my target.

in all honesty, the semester felt a bit like a routine on the uneven bars in gymnastics- i hopped on, did lots of spinning and turning and jumping and kicking, and somehow pulled off a pretty decent dismount. still awaiting the judges' scores though {aka my grades}. and for another moment of truth- i don't even care what the judges have to say. the semester took so much out of me {mentally, emotionally, spiritually} and i really feel like i have grown so much as an individual that my grades are just one element of the culmination of my Spring 2010 semester.

and today i slept until 9:45 {glorious}, took my sweet time getting ready, painted {okay, re-painted} my nails black {don't worry, it isn't's toes are definitely fire engine red}, and am now sitting at the cafe blogging, drinking a cappucino, and waiting for my boy. the perfect prescription for "the morning after" my insane semester.

so glad i've had you all to join me for the ride. i like to think of you as my teammates in the gymnastics meet that is life.

gotta go...i'm up on vault.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

the damage is done, so i guess i be leaving

i went to a hip hop class in the city on tuesday night.
it kind of rocked my world.

there are so many things that i feel passionate about in life...
but this is different.
this one class gave me such a rush, i could hardly handle it.

it was the whole thing- driving into the city. walking around a bit before class. going into this huge room and knowing no one. then learning a routine {to mr. timberlake...yesss.} and performing it. i honestly didn't know if i could do it- it has been entirely  t o o  l o n g  since i've done this sort of thing. but you know what? i think i was kind of good. i mean, i didn't just keep up, but i even threw in some sass. anyway, it felt good.

so looking forward to the next class.

"you told me you loved me, why did you leave me all alone? now tell me you need me when you call me on the phone. girl, i refuse. you must have me confused with some other guy. your bridges were burned, and now it's your turn to cry. cry me a river."