Monday, June 28, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

we all got the same blood flow

i'm at aroma cafe hanging out with my dear friend amos lee. all honesty, he doesn't know that he is hanging out with me. i can't see him or touch him or smell him {and for a bit more honesty, i'm kind of okay with that}, but i  can hear him. his sweet voice is serenading me as i wait in anticipation for the kickoff of the coming weekend. i've got the same 3 songs on repeat.


"i'm in love with a girl who's in love with the world, and i can't help but follow. though i know someday she is bound to fly away and stay over the rainbow. gotta learn how to let her go over the rainbow."
{keep it loose, keep it tight}

"you're gonna take my bottle, my bible, my mess. you're gonna take all of my empty and my loneliness, take all that sadness inside of me, take it all and set me free."
{black river}

"who is my reason to begin? who plows the earth, who breaks the skin? who took my two hands, made them four? who is my heart? who is my door? nobody. nobody but you girl."
{cover of paul simon's nobody}

my cappuccino isn't very good today, but i'm trying to down it because i hate going into a friday night with the fear of playing the role of the sleeping beauty. although i wouldn't mind being woken up by a kiss from my prince. hee hee...sorry, had to go there.

in addition to mr. lee, here are some of my friday inspirations:

this post...i'm in love. the first picture perfectly defines everything that i want. and the colorful staircase. don't worry, you'll know it when you see it. de-light.

i expect this one to become the inspiration of an entire post in the next several days. hmm...the wheels are turning...

i read this girl's story while i was waiting in the dentist office the other day. it's a great story. kind of i'm just really in love with her tattoos though. i think i want something similar, but for very different reasons.

this article in o magazine.
i am not the biggest oprah fan {not that i dislike her, but it's just not really my thing}, but i found this article to be so interesting. hmm...

anyway...kind of a long and random post, but i'm only posting when i feel inspired, so here it is. happy weekend everyone!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

hoping they left their hearts in san francisco...

here is an update on my vacation with mom and dad. yes, i consider it to have been a vacation for all of us. so lovely. sorry several pictures, but we did a lot that week! 

umm...definitely my favorite winery ever!!

the ride up to our tasting.

mom in dad in front of beautiful sonoma.
mom bought dad's outfit. he won't wear it in oklahoma, but thought he could in cali.
dad says: "you can dress young, but it doesn't change the fact that you're old."
mom says: "you can be old, but you can always look and feel young."

at muir woods.
i love this picture :)

me with mi madre at our dinner on the water. my mommy is pretty.

sausalito. love it so much.

pier 39. so glad the sea lions are back!!

this was actually my first time to do the cable cars. not overrated at all...actually great.

my bridge and my parents...dream come true.

so...the giants won. we had a blast {even from the bleachers}. parents met boy and approved {no surprise there...he's completely presh}. i got plenty of time in the hotel hot tub. apartment looks drastically different {more to come on this}. overall it was a fabulous week. in the running for vh1's best week ever {jordan's edition, anyway}.

i'm just waiting on them to tell me when they'll be making the move. oh and squeezing my sister + her familia and my best friend in the back of the u-haul. hmm...a girl can dream.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

so let's cause a scene, clap our hands and stomp our feet or something

my parents arrive today! 
it's their first trip to san franny, and i'm so excited to show them the city i've fallen in love with! they get in tonight, and this morning i have little time to sit and blog, relax with a double cappuccino and some great music. and i'll be spending the afternoon with my boy.


things i'm looking forward to experiencing this week:

taking advantage of my parents' hotel pool/hot tub :)

stinson beach picnic

getting mom's help on the apartment

taking my parents across the gg bridge for the first time

seeing my mom's enthusiasm about everything we'll be doing
{especially when paired with my dad's extreme chill-ness}

giants game with mom, dad, and boy
{parents, boyfriend, baseball, san fran...can we say favorite day ever??}

seeing my parents in giants gear
{don't worry, i will be telling them whose numbers they should get}

introducing my amazing parents to the people who are a part of my every day life here in cali
{so ready for them to all know each other}

"you know me, oh you think you do, you just don't seem to see, i've been waiting all this time to be something i can't define."
{the format}

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

they say that home is where the heart is

today's subject: jordan's apartment

okay, i'm going to share with you a bit of my vision...

these are the things i love. i'm obsessed with the idea of merging these different styles to create one steady and consistent theme.

okay first of all we have the quilt. i love quilts. a fun cottagey feel...delight.

seriously digging the red lotus lamp. AND i like how it pairs with that super cute thing next to it!
{yes i called that a thing...that's how foreign all of this actually is to me}

bold green table with yellow flowers.

just a fun accent.

okay sorry- was this too graphic? i don't want actual zebras {or their skin} in my room. this is a mere representation of my love for animal prints :)

i was talking with sarah a while back, and we were trying to figure out how to do this effectively. i mean...these things combined could equal one big, nasty mess. but with the right vision, and proper execution, it could equal home.

i do not want my home to just be a bunch of different things that i like, thrown into one little space. i want it to be a collection of things that represent a general mood, theme, and personality.

so here is the message i want my place to share {i think}:

i'm feminine and delicate {quilt, cottage style, flowers}
but i'm strong and independent; delicate does not equal fragile {the color red, animal print}

i have a wild side and love to have fun {different textures and patterns}
but that is paired with a constant and powerful vulnerability [powerful vulnerability...interesting oxymoron i use to describe my heart] and gentleness {soft throws, candles}

so...what are your thoughts? you girls are much better at this stuff than i am!
do you think that this could work? have you run into similar dilemmas? how do i approach this??

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

i will catch his warm stare, on our island in the blue bay

so...the last two tuesdays have given me a little bit of inspiration.

i'm thinking about what i want to do with my summer. i'm already loving my time off- way too much, in fact. i can already tell that august really is going to be a wicked month for me, as i will be forced to return to school. wait! wait! wait! i'm getting ahead of myself... the theme of this post is

and today i'm setting some summer goals. here we go:

first and foremost.
attend as many dance classes as possible
{tuesday hip hop in the city- favorite, zumba, more hip hop, and i'd be lying if i said that the tease class didn't peak my interest...just saying.}

beach it up
{stinson, dillon, bolinas, and perhaps some new discoveries?}

{one of those things boy and i talk about doing, but have yet to actually pursue}

{edna o'brien has really got my attention right now, it might be fun to have a themed summer featuring one author, yes? although i really do want to read eat pray love. i bought it like 3 years ago, and never got around to it, but after seeing the movie preview, i really feel compelled to read it. something that i find totally lame by the way. i wish i would've read it 3 years ago instead of now, when every twenty-something female in the country will be reading it. is it stupid for me to feel that way?}

immerse myself in major league baseball
{you knew it was coming. i'm sorry, i just love it so much. i really need to call the cable company so that i don't have to go to a brewery or at&t park every time i want to watch a game}

get my apartment in order
{not just livable. not just clean. home.}

get a pedicure

eat/drink my mila
{whole raw food, sooo good for me. just do it, jordan.}

get some girl friends

and this is a biggy,
forward my time, energy, thoughts, and heart into my life.
{be fully invested in all that i have going on. in marin. in my apartment. at my job. when i work out. when i adventure. not just floating through life, but passionately enjoying all that i get to do.}

so that's the plan. and i have just one thing to say to myself in this pursuit: get it.

umm...hello? where is my head? as i was reading through my friends comments, i realized that i forgot to ask what YOUR summer goals/plans are??? please share!