Wednesday, June 2, 2010

they say that home is where the heart is

today's subject: jordan's apartment

okay, i'm going to share with you a bit of my vision...

these are the things i love. i'm obsessed with the idea of merging these different styles to create one steady and consistent theme.

okay first of all we have the quilt. i love quilts. a fun cottagey feel...delight.

seriously digging the red lotus lamp. AND i like how it pairs with that super cute thing next to it!
{yes i called that a thing...that's how foreign all of this actually is to me}

bold green table with yellow flowers.

just a fun accent.

okay sorry- was this too graphic? i don't want actual zebras {or their skin} in my room. this is a mere representation of my love for animal prints :)

i was talking with sarah a while back, and we were trying to figure out how to do this effectively. i mean...these things combined could equal one big, nasty mess. but with the right vision, and proper execution, it could equal home.

i do not want my home to just be a bunch of different things that i like, thrown into one little space. i want it to be a collection of things that represent a general mood, theme, and personality.

so here is the message i want my place to share {i think}:

i'm feminine and delicate {quilt, cottage style, flowers}
but i'm strong and independent; delicate does not equal fragile {the color red, animal print}

i have a wild side and love to have fun {different textures and patterns}
but that is paired with a constant and powerful vulnerability [powerful vulnerability...interesting oxymoron i use to describe my heart] and gentleness {soft throws, candles}

so...what are your thoughts? you girls are much better at this stuff than i am!
do you think that this could work? have you run into similar dilemmas? how do i approach this??


Naomi@ThirteenandSouth said...

wow I really like the thoughts behind it. now how to translate that into a room...? I'm gonna sleep on this one. be back soon with more analysis ;)

Meghan said...

Believe it or not, my hubby is better at this than I am!

Have you thought about keeping the bedroom feminine and delicate, but using more bold pieces in your living room? Or, you can use very different, bold pieces, but in lighter colors. Or, you can place items like the lamp next to things with more neutral tones to balance it out?

That probably made no sense whatsoever:(