Tuesday, June 1, 2010

i will catch his warm stare, on our island in the blue bay

so...the last two tuesdays have given me a little bit of inspiration.

i'm thinking about what i want to do with my summer. i'm already loving my time off- way too much, in fact. i can already tell that august really is going to be a wicked month for me, as i will be forced to return to school. wait! wait! wait! i'm getting ahead of myself... the theme of this post is

and today i'm setting some summer goals. here we go:

first and foremost.
attend as many dance classes as possible
{tuesday hip hop in the city- favorite, zumba, more hip hop, and i'd be lying if i said that the tease class didn't peak my interest...just saying.}

beach it up
{stinson, dillon, bolinas, and perhaps some new discoveries?}

{one of those things boy and i talk about doing, but have yet to actually pursue}

{edna o'brien has really got my attention right now, it might be fun to have a themed summer featuring one author, yes? although i really do want to read eat pray love. i bought it like 3 years ago, and never got around to it, but after seeing the movie preview, i really feel compelled to read it. something that i find totally lame by the way. i wish i would've read it 3 years ago instead of now, when every twenty-something female in the country will be reading it. is it stupid for me to feel that way?}

immerse myself in major league baseball
{you knew it was coming. i'm sorry, i just love it so much. i really need to call the cable company so that i don't have to go to a brewery or at&t park every time i want to watch a game}

get my apartment in order
{not just livable. not just clean. home.}

get a pedicure

eat/drink my mila
{whole raw food, sooo good for me. just do it, jordan.}

get some girl friends

and this is a biggy,
forward my time, energy, thoughts, and heart into my life.
{be fully invested in all that i have going on. in marin. in my apartment. at my job. when i work out. when i adventure. not just floating through life, but passionately enjoying all that i get to do.}

so that's the plan. and i have just one thing to say to myself in this pursuit: get it.

umm...hello? where is my head? as i was reading through my friends comments, i realized that i forgot to ask what YOUR summer goals/plans are??? please share!


Meghan said...

I love your plan! I often struggle with the same - since I have summers off, I fill them with things that don't get done during the year and often forget to stop and smell the proverbial roses:)

Your list is such the perfect combination of everything!

MyLittlePhotographs said...

Yes, I also have to get my apartment in order, spend as much time on the beach as possible.... ohh and READ!! haha Summer is going to be wonderful!

blue eyed night owl said...

Your summer plans sound great. I'm also making a few, but so far I'm stuck at the holiday-workshop-option-dilemma, working on my Etsy and buying a vintage dress. However our lists might overlap here and there.
I actually wanted to do a burlesque workshop, but I just saw it's sold out. So I might go to a show instead. The whole burlesque thing is so intriguing somehow.

One thing I did already cross of my list is getting a bikini, I only had a swimsuit I couldn't swim in(the water would drag it down, too low, way too low), so I needed some proper swimwear.

Yes! Go kayaking, so much fun! I did it at Redondo beach, it was great.

I know what you mean about the book hype thing. I hate that too. But what's even more annoying is seeing the movie right after reading the book, you always remember every little detail and will see what they did wrong in the movie.
Eat Pray Love seems amazing, but I myself will probably go see the movie first. I have so many books on my to-read-pile already.

Oh and about your comment, we don't have netflix in the Netherlands, but I always love owning the dvd, never rent anything, I either wait or buy it. I'm such a collector:P But somehow I don't own about half of my favorite movies.

Sorry this turned out to be such a huge letter.

Have a great week!

Christina said...

lovely plans, your going to have a great summer. jacob and i totally plan to beach it up so we should get together. maybe even find bolinas, that's the one that removes the signs right? well designate a saturday.

i love eat, pray, love. i read it a bit ago. its very immersing, a good summer read. do it. i know the feeling but i think in this instance everyone likes it cuz its good :)

sarah. said...

your soul is lovely and pure and i miss you. my internet is beyond hecka slow... i just waited nearly 8 minutes to make this comment... let's see how many minutes it takes to POST the comment. argh. otherwise I'd be writing you everyday. i made a video for you--but, like i mentioned before, the internet can't handle me. i'll keep trying. love you so much. :)