Thursday, November 20, 2008

cruisin' together

this is my dream. i'm not looking for anything to replace stella- my little car is totally great. no one can take her place. it's just that every time i drive on this one particular street, i catch myself looking for the cruiser. this is the street where it all began. the cruiser is completely rockstar. i just have these really great visions of driving down a curvey mountain road, the sun totally about to set, windows down, and a huge pair of sunglasses on my face. of course "dreams" by the cranberries will be playing, and i'll have my hand hanging out the window so i can feel the wind. classic.

unfortunately reality set in for me last night, when i asked a car person about the likelihood of my dream coming true. he warned me that i have to marry a man, a wealthy one at that, and be willing to put a lot of money into this investment. essentially he told me that it would be more trouble than it's worth.

so what do i do now? if i had a time machine, i would travel back to 1989, buy the car when it was new, and then jump back to 2008 and i'd be set. but i don't. so i guess that i have a few options:

1) find that rich man and marry!

2) become friends with someone who owns one, and convince them to take me places.

or there's one last option

3) keep driving down that one particular street, the street where it all began, and keep enjoying the cruiser as i fly right by

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

new hobbie

i started piano lessons today. well...i guess you could call them lessons; i've been watching a bunch of 8 minute videos on youtube. lame, i know. it's just that, over the last couple of months, the master pianist inside of me has been screaming for attention. unfortunately, the only song that i know is "lean on me" which i learned in the fourth grade when my mom was still making me take lessons. so, for now the words FACE and Every Good Boy Does Fine are my new favorites. i am going to be reviewing them day and night so that the next time i sit in front of the piano and stare at the norah jones sheet music, it doesn't look like i'm attempting to read a foreign language.