Tuesday, November 11, 2008

new hobbie

i started piano lessons today. well...i guess you could call them lessons; i've been watching a bunch of 8 minute videos on youtube. lame, i know. it's just that, over the last couple of months, the master pianist inside of me has been screaming for attention. unfortunately, the only song that i know is "lean on me" which i learned in the fourth grade when my mom was still making me take lessons. so, for now the words FACE and Every Good Boy Does Fine are my new favorites. i am going to be reviewing them day and night so that the next time i sit in front of the piano and stare at the norah jones sheet music, it doesn't look like i'm attempting to read a foreign language.


Shan said...

haha!! awesome!

drew said...

I'm with you... i learned last week that I'm mentally handicapped when it comes to reading music.