Thursday, June 24, 2010

hoping they left their hearts in san francisco...

here is an update on my vacation with mom and dad. yes, i consider it to have been a vacation for all of us. so lovely. sorry several pictures, but we did a lot that week! 

umm...definitely my favorite winery ever!!

the ride up to our tasting.

mom in dad in front of beautiful sonoma.
mom bought dad's outfit. he won't wear it in oklahoma, but thought he could in cali.
dad says: "you can dress young, but it doesn't change the fact that you're old."
mom says: "you can be old, but you can always look and feel young."

at muir woods.
i love this picture :)

me with mi madre at our dinner on the water. my mommy is pretty.

sausalito. love it so much.

pier 39. so glad the sea lions are back!!

this was actually my first time to do the cable cars. not overrated at all...actually great.

my bridge and my parents...dream come true.

so...the giants won. we had a blast {even from the bleachers}. parents met boy and approved {no surprise there...he's completely presh}. i got plenty of time in the hotel hot tub. apartment looks drastically different {more to come on this}. overall it was a fabulous week. in the running for vh1's best week ever {jordan's edition, anyway}.

i'm just waiting on them to tell me when they'll be making the move. oh and squeezing my sister + her familia and my best friend in the back of the u-haul. hmm...a girl can dream.

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Christina said...

i love that winery. isn't it amazing. i'm so glad you had fun with your fam. and on your first post the swallows are my favorite. that's what i've wanted for a while. so cool. you should come over to the city for fireworks and dessert on the fourth, that's a good reason i think. :)