Thursday, February 11, 2010

i think you're just so pleasant, i would like you for my own

feeling a little under the weather today.
however, the sunshine was beautiful this afternoon.

this makes me smile for lots of reasons. let me share a few:
1. all-time favey flower
2. it reminds me of my all-time favey movie {you should know this by now} :)
3. daisies pair perfectly with she and him {which i'm listening to now}
4. just can't help but smile when you look at these precious flowers.

i just love 'em.

confession: {like for have to promise you won't tell a soul}...
i accidentally fell asleep at work today!
fortunately my bff sent me a text, and the sound of ke$ha {love} blaring in my ear woke me up.
oops :)

"i love when you tell me that i'm pretty when i just wake up. and i love how you tease me when i'm moody, but it's never too much."
{lady antebellum...yes, again. i'm sorry...sick obsession}


Kelly said...

hahahahahaha! that is awesome that you fell asleep and that Ke$ha woke you up. amaaaazing!

thank you for all the sweet things you said on my giveaway post! i'm SO happy that you are participating!!

happy weekend!

~April Joy~ said...

YOU are just so pleasant!!! love love love the jordie

Christina said...

i love she and him, this post makes me very happy. i'm looking forward to our whip it party. i mentioned the possibility of next weekend to swiemo, so i hope it happens. :) so exciting about your new place. i want to see it.