Friday, February 26, 2010

are you strong enough to be my man?

this morning i woke up and felt

the alarm on my phone is "rockstar" by miley cyrus.
i love waking up to this song.
and it got me thinking about this cute blog that i stumbled upon yesterday.
read "sometimes i crack myself up."
it is totally great.

so here is today's inspiration:

"hello world! i have something to offer you today!"

professor and classmates:
you have something to learn from me.

cute boy behind the counter at starbucks {or peet's or the bank or wherever he is}: 
you know you want me.

little boy who loves testing my patience:
i am so much more fun than your stupid dinosaurs.

oven / fitted sheet / pile of laundry that never goes away / big scary spider:
one day i WILL put you in your place.

book report to be written before tomorrow's deadline:
you are lucky to have me as your author.

my immediate inclination is to begin explaining and justifying my behavior in saying these things.
i'm not gonna.
i am fabulous, and i'm not going to feel bad about that today.

i hope that you are feeling fabulous today.
next time you climb in the car, look in the rearview mirror and tell yourself how great you are. are.

happy friday.

ps. this totally inspired a new playlist on my itunes. ...delish!

"guess you don't notice. guess you don't need this. sad you're not seeing what you're missing...i can fix a flat on your car, i might even be a rockstar."


ahlin said...

thanks for the shout out! i really appreciate it! :)

i love this post! seriously, such a great outlook on life. because we are awesome!

Nicole Marie said...

haha love this. have a great weekend!

passport in my pocket said...

ha! this is so cute. enjoy your weekend :)