Thursday, February 25, 2010

you're ruining me with secrets and gestures and looks


I am missing: these two...

and those blue eyes...

I am smiling: at the thought of the giants 2010 season.

I am running: out of time on my book report.

I am accepting: the fact that my jeans have holes in inappropriate places.

I am watching: the sun show the rain who is boss.

I am making: everyone jealous :)

I am craving: adventure {but what's new, right?}

I am loving: myself. the chai that i'm currently consuming. my job. some precious people. the idea of summer. i could go on forever, baby.
{and yes, that last sentence should sound familiar. i love that home alone is so good it makes its way into everyday life}

I am anticipating: baseball season. a visit from my bff. a great weekend.

I am listening: to an ingrid song that i just bought. she's so good i can't even handle it anymore.

I am happy: bc life is better that way.

What are you today? 
ps. i found this here. cute.

"i am all dressed up tonight, i've waited all night long. when will they finally play your song? i am in the mood to dance."
{ingrid. duh.}


~April Joy~ said...

that rain didn't even see it comin. just sayin. love my jordie.

ahlin said...

oooh i could use some mlb and summer in my life right now.

you are beautiful!

sarah. said...

with sonnets and secondhand books...

pen.ny said...

thanks for your sweet comment the other day:) i'm glad you enjoyed "today" and reblogged! it's kind of therapeutic don't you think? so happy to have a new blog to read! have a great weekend jordan!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the birthday wishes :)

Amanda said...

Hi Jordan! Amanda here from 'Shades of Gray,' thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :) I had to comment on this post in particular because you made mention of the Giants... I am a huge, huge, huge baseball fan (worked for two teams) and I love Tim Lincecum, I met him last season and he is just a doll!