Tuesday, February 16, 2010

this is your life

today i'm giving a quick recap on the last few days.
i've seen and done some really great things...

celebration of the birth of the lovely miss sarah.
yummy italian dinner. dessert. city/star gazing on chapel hill. dessert. good times with friends.

{we were taking pictures of things we like}

something about the coast just makes me feel alive.

to me, everything about this is lovely.

...my favorite part about all of this was the company i shared it with.

"rather than wait 'til i put me out for the taking, you're breaking, you're breaking into my heart...and i'm letting you."
{brooke fraser}


sarah. said...


Anonymous said...

gorgeous photos!
im actually having a contest over at www.ifyouneverdid.com all you have to do is send in a picture of your favorite adventure. you can win a camera, shirt, locket ring, and t-shirt. id love it if you entered :)

Alex Stoltze said...

beautiful pictures! i agree that the everything about the bottom picture is perfect

Naomi said...

I wish I could take pictures like you! That bridge is so cool