Monday, February 22, 2010

coyote not-so-ugly?

welcome to deep, after-dinner thoughts with paul {a super wise man}!

"where the mind goes, the body will follow."


i love love love to hike. and, for the most part, i prefer doing it on my own. however, i heard one bad coyote story a long time ago, and it seems to have made a dwelling somewhere in the back of my mind. so now, every time i go out for a hike date with myself, it is always interrupted by my fear of a coyote attack. {i know, i know...silly.}

words of wisdom:

1. this is about my fear of the outcome, not the coyote itself

2. the coyote is actually a representation of peace
{it is through the coyote that i will overcome my fears and experience victory}

3. in reality, the coyote may simply be my "sister-creature" which exists, in my life, as my helper

and on a more practical level...

4. coyote attacks are ridiculously uncommon. i'm more likely to be struck by lightning.

5. worst case scenario: an attack would merely result in my contribution to the food chain.

today i am grateful for:
friends who are willing to sit with you when you are at your worst
{faded sweats, absolutely no make up...not even shimmer, rockin' a big gulp and chocolate, an emotional wreck}
the shining sun in the mid-day sky

"but how do i know if i'll make it through? how do i know? where's the proof in you? and so it goes, this soldier knows, the battle with the heart isn't easily won...but it can be won."
{ingrid michaelson} 


sarah. said...

:) keep on keepin' on.
big hearts & butterflies comin your way!! sw.

Anonymous said...

love this post :)