Tuesday, February 23, 2010

preschool didn't prepare me for this...

today is my one hundredth post. i feel excited...i like to see projects/hobbies/anything that i stick to :)

my boy's ringtone on my phone is playing on my itunes right now. i still smile every time i hear it. just saying.

anyway...some tuesday thoughts to share with you...

question: does anyone else ever feel this way?

i've realized life has made it abundantly clear to me that one of my greatest fears is being {or just feeling} misunderstood.

i'm in a spiritual direction class {don't ask...i'm still trying to figure out what that means!} and let me just show you the basic agenda of each week's meeting time:

1. sit in silence for 20 minutes {meditating, listening for God's voice, reflecting on what He says, etc.}
2. write about the experience
3. share what you experienced with a classmate
4. share with the class about your experience of sharing with the classmate
5. participate in exercise that involves introspection and deep thought {more meditating, listening, reflecting}
6. share with classmate...
7. share...
8. share...
9. share...

...do you see the pattern??

well this is fun and all, but seriously...can't a girl get a break?
i mean...not all girls like to talk about their feelings!!!

okay okay, i say all of this jokingly. i guess the only reason it's even blog-worthy for me is bc it's one of my greatest struggles.

most of the time, i just feel like charlie brown's teacher..."WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH!" ...you get the picture.

i'll be honest...as a 23 year old girl, just trying to develop and maintain quality relationships, i'm a little mad at my preschool teachers who were responsible for teaching me to share with others. i think they were a little too focused on our toys and not near as focused as they should've been on our emotions.

all this to say, i'm working on things.
:) :) :)
love you all.

"i could hold your hand all day."
{katie herzig}


Nicole Marie said...

i'll remember that when im teaching my 2nd graders :)

Christina said...

this makes me even prouder of you for sharing on here then. I know I appreciate it. :) I also loved the previous post, oh, Paul. He's pretty cool.

Jody and Emily said...

hey now, I like your sharing! (I can totally relate to you though...) Maybe by week 10 we will get the hang of it. : )

sarah. said...

I like your sharing. I especially like your (emails) sharing with VV. THAT, my friend, is funny. :)

And don't let class activities dictate your level of sharing-ness. It's not therapy--just a master's.

oh wait...

¶ Michelle said...

congrats on your 100th post! i love it when people share (: it gives others comfort because people (like moi) can relate also!

love your blog x