Friday, February 19, 2010

oh, don't worry, we're on the list.

maybe i've been posting a ton of pictures lately.
i suppose these days i'm a woman of few words.
well...close enough.

anyway, here is the remainder of my week...

locked out of my apartment.
...breaking and entering...
do i have it in me??
{also, notice my hand. the windowsill was dirty. what a girl.}

kind of a long way down. head first, too.
{and yes, that is the condition i leave things in when i'm finished}

me and the girls at the red devil lounge.
"how can you be such a fool, baby, how can you not see how amazing i am?"

two of my favorites!
always a party with these girls.

thank you for taking a glimpse into my life!
it's a beautiful one.
i am lucky.

happy weekend to you all.

"he's every subject of every song. like the wind carries, he moves me along...he's electric."
{tristan prettyman}


Christina said...

love it. so cute. and i'm glad others leave things that way when they're finished as well. hehe

sarah. said...

i like that picture of us. :)
i looooove you.

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Hahah I've had to break into my apartment a few times as well. One time the gardener saw me doing it and gave me a REALLY weird look!