Thursday, February 18, 2010

life's a beach

some pics of the beach yesterday.
i <3 my job.

last night was also exciting for me.
pictures to come.

tomorrow is friday.

"in the end, i predict you get the very best of me. so put your lips to my lips. wanna go on and take all of it. just run as fast as you can, just 'cause you can."
{tristan prettyman}
ps. thank you, sarah. the cd is completely fab.


sarah. said...


Christina said...

i'm so glad we got to hang out. i look forward to the pictures

the books are there all the time. we should go sometime. :)have a lovely weekend!

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Well. I wish I was at that beach today!

Anonymous said...

these pictures make me want to go to the beach.
right. now.

BEAUTIFUL...dreamy. love them.

thanks for checking out my little card shop the other day via rachel's blog! really appreciate it! and now it led me to your blog, which, i predict, will bring me much joy, it seems really rad.

thanks again!

Nicole Marie said...

so pretty!! i still havn't been there yet!