Wednesday, February 3, 2010

and it was all yellow

this morning's sunrise.
the earth was filled with color.
and beauty and wonder and goodness.

today i am grateful for:
the ability to see the world around me.
a good night's rest.
the effect a good hike will have on your mind/attitude/heart.
ingrid michaelson. katie herzig. brooke fraser. missy higgins. norah jones.
the friends i get to share life's lovely moments with.

"i'll shout aloud, what a feelin', let my tongue be still no more. now i know that it's the real thing, just try and keep me quiet about it."
{brooke fraser}


Joey Brisson said...

Awesome pictures and I'm so proud of you for
making it up for a sunrise it was
raining up here.

sarah. said...

looooooooove it!! :)

SO beautiful!! and just imagine... if you didn't have a camera, you couldn't have shared it.

thanks for coming. :)

Nicole Marie said...

so pretty!!