Thursday, February 4, 2010

i'm not perfect, but i am free

after class i went on a little adventure through my little town, mill valley.
i just love where i live.
i decided to accept the idea of looking like a tourist with my point-and-shoot in hand, in order to obtain some quality pics of downtown.

this shop seems to consist primarily of pipes and porn.
2 of my favorite p's.
{okay, not really}

love it.
i'll probably be going back for some purchases soon.
{jesus band-aids? duh.}

one of my favorite flower shops.
although, i didn't see my favorite flower today :(

outside mill valley market

umm...yes, please.

and a few side notes:

1. i absolutely love the smell of fresh-cut grass.

2. i saw my favorite car outside peets, but i didn't have the guts to ask the guy for a pic of it
{wouldn't that seem a little creepy? or at best just slightly strange?}

3. i will be watching whip it {again} tonight, and painting my nails. so stoked.


Sogni e Sorrisi said...

What lovely photos.

Naomi said...

Hey Jordan, Thanks for the compliment!
Great Pics btw. I know what you mean, whenever I take pictures in Philly I feel like a total tourist nerd. oh well!

Kelly said...

beautifl pictures! i just love day adventures...your's looks awesome :)

Lillian Chang said...

What great photos!! It's a great experience to try taking touristy-type photos in your everyday life :) I'm glad you took them and shared them!! :)

alex Stoltze said...

These are fantastic pictures!! i love them! so beautiful and interesting and modern. My dad grew up in mill valley and has always told me how he loved the little town!

Swampy said...

Awesome, what is your favorite flower?

jordan said...

:) thanks for all of the sweet comments!
and ps. my favorite flower is just the common daisy :)