Friday, April 15, 2011

you can grow flowers from where dead used to be

as i sit under the sun
i look around and see
a wonder that i can't explain.
it's all so new to me.

beauty in the struggle,
grace in the consequence,
the flowers poking through.
light that gives life,
color that gives beauty,
and hope that will renew.

and so i choose
to hold onto
the wonder that i see.
let all else go
because i know
the wonder dwells in me.


angela hardison said...

did you write that? really beautiful, i love it.

Myshutka said...

i'm not good poet :D

jordan said...

thanks girls. i did write it, but i was hesitant to post: it's hard to tell when something is worth revealing to the world! which is why i say- DO IT. just because.