Monday, April 11, 2011

i'm not gonna care

via lauren

i had a pretty yucky day.

i'm exhausted.
and right now i'm watching my giants blow this game against those silly dodgers.

but i did make some cookies tonight!
peanut butter/nutella gluten free cookies.
yes, i am still doing p90x {in theory} but let's talk about that another day.
and now i'm preparing for a little me-time in the hot tub. sum it all up...
let's consider this lesson learned.
and tomorrow, when i wake up,
i'd like to go back to being young and naive!

though i do have to say that
there were definitely some little rays of sunshine in the midst of my difficult day.
i am vowing to write about that in the next couple of days
bc i think it is more important than everything else.

and on a totally different {slash completely random note}
i'm seriously crossing my fingers for a funny dream tonight.


Alex Stoltze said...

Great post, I hope you feel better, but the cookies should help with that. Check out my latest video about hipsters, it could cheer you up/make you laugh! Anyway, I hope for a funny dream tonight too!


Meghan said...

Those cookies sound like the cure-all. I hope you had a better day!

Christina said...

i love your last few posts, i'm so glad you're sticking with it!