Monday, April 25, 2011

dj put that record on

okay so let's just talk about something for a minute.
i've developed a bit of a girl crush.

this isn't the same thing i feel for adele, ingrid, or ke$ha.
those are the girls i want to be SLASH (bc that isn't an option)
be best friends with (bc that totally is).
nope. this is different.

i'm like mesmerized by dev.
i think that if i met her, i might feel butterflies or something.

anyway, the point is i obsess over this girl.
and her music.
if you've learned anything about me in our time together,
it should be that i love a good beat.
i love music that i can bump (WAY too loud) while i drive.
and her work is the perfect fix for a junkie like myself.

Dev - Booty Bounce from Little Owl Recordings on Vimeo.

[this is the edited version, which i thought would be more wholesome for the kids]

hope you enjoy. i will be rocking out to it for at least another 9 days, no doubt.


Maddie M. said...

This is so catchy, I love it!
So did that G6 song just use bits of this song with her permission?
PS-As far as girl crushes, I concur on the Ingrid one!!!

jordan said...

yeah, the far east movement song featured dev bc they liked that whole bit!