Monday, August 9, 2010

baby, you're amazing

weekend update with jordache:

the birthday was lovely. highlights...

fun phone convos with mi familia

even though they didn't let us keep our 3D glasses, we had a pretty fab time

fun new sparkly dress
{which did, in fact, inevitably get pesto on it, but whatevs}

disclaimer: this photo wasn't actually taken on my bday, but i'm kind of a lame-o and neglect the camera when i should be taking pictures

and the rest of the weekend was just as delicious...

fun, summerish party- swimming, bbq, and new friends

and the weekend concluded with a fun adventure yesterday...
...i don't actually remember where we were at this point

yummy clam chowder

haha sleepy boy in the back

our cute driver :)

ugh...i love life.


Rhiannon Nicole said...

awe cute post!! I love your photos too; the finish on them is quite lovely, pretty girlfriend :) Happy Tuesday to you!! xo

Maddie M. said...

Adorable post! Sounds like the perfect weekend:) Thanks for your comment!

sarah. said...

nice glasses, joey.