Wednesday, August 4, 2010

24 oceans

i'm turning 24 on friday.

there is a serious lack of enthusiasm about the day.
{i don't feel negatively about it, instead i seem to be almost completely unaware of it}

i feel a little sad about that.

i like to celebrate. not really like throwing a huge party with tons of friends, but like...
doing the things that i think make life lovely.

anyway, looking for some enthusiasm and a few good ideas.

how do you like to celebrate birthdays?


Christina said...

how fun, yay for birthdays.

i like letting myself enjoy special things, like eating at a more expensive restaurant i've been wanting to try or using it as an excuse to try an adventure i've been putting off, and of course reminiscing with people i love.

i hope yours is amazing.

Meghan said...

I like to celebrate with a good dinner and lots of wine! Happy Early Birthday!

blue moss said...

just try to enjoy every moment of the day...good coffee for a little window shopping (my birthday is in january so i go looking at all spring things that are coming out in stores...but you get to look at fall...which is so much better) out to dinner with loved ones...and leave presents for the end of the day...because its great to end the day with presents.
and one of my favorite things in th world is birthday cake is a must
happy birthday week

sarah. said...

I'm celebrating your birthday by making you a ridiculous video.... :) i love you and hope you feel treasured and so special today. i craaave you being here with me today. know that i ache for your laughter and awesomeness. you are great. love you. and...


rachel @ blackeiffel said...

Beautiful photo and Happy Birthday!!