Sunday, April 18, 2010

boy, you got me

adventure day.

maybe not the best photo, but whatevs...the sun was going down...i was in a hurry!
also, i would just like to add that the only editing i did was a little snip snip {crop and rounded edges}.
when dealing with sunsets/rises, i try not to edit the coloring at all. promise.

church {so good}. sunshine {and lots of it}. boy. solo adventure. long drive. windows down. jason mraz {delish}. nickel creek. flaming hot cheetos {a guilty pleasure that i'm "loving out loud"}. golden gate bridge. sunset. city. phone date with mom. the grove. blog life. really fantastic accents next to me.

one of those days that you just have to stop and smile about.

"you looked like the sun, i was the only one who could stare until you were done shining on me."
{joshua radin}

1 comment:

blue eyed night owl said...

Ah, Jason Mraz, his music is so good and uplifting. And that looks like a very nice sunset.

The curry mints? I am now trying my first one so I can tell you what they're like. They smell like curry and incense and taste quite spicy, it's not really bad, but not really good either. Maybe I'll get used to it.