Monday, April 19, 2010

i had a dream i stood beneath an orange sky


i want to be better.
i'm good. but i want to be better.

i want to cook. thanks, christina :)
i want to have a home {even if it is a studio apartment}.
i want to zumba.
i want to take pictures. good ones.
i want to drink water.
i want to garden.
i want to learn {not just finish my homework}.
i want to use lotion.
i want to be as in love with overcast as i am sunlight.
i want to write letters {and receive them}.
i want to embrace life.

the world is mine.
the world is ours.

i want to be better for myself. i want to be better for others.

"in your love my salvation lies."
{alexi murdoch}


Jody and Emily said...

LOVE this song. I like your goals. So refreshing. Hope your week is going good. Sad I won't see you in class anymore. Maybe we should do something about this! eh

Meghan said...

I absolutely LOVE Alexi Murdoch! This song gives me the chills!!!

Christina said...

love this, you made me want to be better too.

Naomi said...

I agree with EVERY one of those!!

Especially cooking!

Jessica said...

love this song!

you can do it all, you really can!

Jen said...

girl, i want to zumba too, and garden! oh how similar we are ;-)

Micaiah said...

you remind me a lot of myself. amazing blog :)