Thursday, April 15, 2010

who needs shelter from the sun?

tonight i'm hanging with the boys.
this means:
call of duty
inappropriate music
dogs...and the hair that falls off the dogs
and just enough time for blogging and nail painting
{by hanging i mean...i'm mom to two fifth graders for the night}

putting my thoughts on page.
and leaving them there.

"good-day sunlight. i'd like to say how truly bright you are. you don't know me, but i know you, see, you're my favorite star. follow you i will so let's get moving."
{jason mraz}

i've definitely watched this 3 times this week.
cried every time.
and bought the soundtrack.
do it. you won't regret it.

i just love this.
it has a special place in my heart.

More fun music on iLike


Rhiannon Nicole said...

your posts are so lovely all the time :) love them girlfriend!

Christina said...

don't even about swiemo, she posts like once a week. i'll still have more than her. hehe. i'm glad you're a frequent poster. and even gladder we got to kinda hang out the other night. we should do it again.

Meghan said...

I love that color nail polish!

And your comments about Away We Go make me want to watch it again!

Have a great weekend!

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Have fun nail painting. I love that lemon poster, hilarious! xo katie

Anonymous said...

i'm listening to the Away We Go soundtrack-its been about a minute and i love it already. :)

MyLittlePhotographs said...

I'm curious as to what the inappropriate music is all about LOL