Monday, March 8, 2010

you've got foam on your lip

"in my mind, we can conquer the world"

closet door- 1
jordan- 0

but today is a new day.
pictures to come {after my victory of course}

freaking walgreens had lars and the real girl for 3.99 today.

i'm feeling very distracted today. but in a completely perfect way. continual smile.

"don't you worry there my honey, we might not have any money, but we've got our love to pay the bills."


Alex Stoltze said...

lars and the real girl is so weird but cool!

Patricia Snook said...

If you think you can conquer the world, then you can!

Can't wait to see the picture update!

Have a fab week, you've got a stunning blog here xoxo

ahlin said...

ahhh i LOVE lars and the real girl! holy cow, 3.99 is a steal. good luck with the closet door! i believe in you :)

pen.ny said...

i'm killing myself because damnit, i still STILL need to see lars and the real girl!