Tuesday, March 9, 2010

baby get my order right, no erras

okay confession: i'm not very good at asking for help.

i was at target the other day, and i bought two really big things. the man at the counter told me to go to the front and ask someone to help me take my purchases to the car. so i smiled and gave him a very polite "okay great! thanks so much!" while thinking to myself
"are you kidding? no way am i asking someone to help me."

so i rode on the back of my very full buggy until i made it to the car. i loaded my boxes into the back seat. drove home. and carried the boxes up to my apartment. my mom got mad at me bc i didn't tell anyone in my life that i might need help with this task.

but i got it done!
and my muscles are going to be a little bit stronger bc of it.
and so is my confidence.

closet door: 2
jordan: 0

so this is me pep-talking myself. this silly closet door is giving me so much trouble! it is so extreme that i've caught myself thinking, "why don't you just call a boy and have him come take it off?" that's a big deal...
don't worry...i haven't given in to such thoughts.

i'm going to get it. i am.
and thank you for all of your support btw :)

"save your breath 'cause here comes the truth, i'm over the drama of you and that's something new."
{ashlee simpson}


Christina said...

asking for help is way hard for me too.i'm trying to find a good balance though because asking for help lets other people in and puts us in a position to help them later. just sayin...:)

one sydney road said...

i got a little laugh out of your score - closet door 2, jordan 0!! good for you for getting it done!

upatreecupatea said...

I totally do this too!
I get frustrated when people do things just the way I want so I just suffer and go at it alone ahaha :)
i really like your blog too :)

sarah. said...

friday i'm coming to get that closet door off. you can't stop me. i'll come in the bathroom window.

love. ;)

Chloe said...

hehe that sounds like me

Elizabeth said...

We are just alike in this way. I'd rather die than ask for help with someone I know I can do myself.

Naomi said...

hmmm im bad at asking for help, but im also bad at doing things alone. so im really super pathetic i guess. haha!
ps- guess who is going to her first zumba class on monday??
(with a friend, of course)

angela hardison said...

i've gotten pretty good at asking for help. it makes a big difference. BUT, good for you!