Wednesday, March 10, 2010

abuela y abuelo, everybody sing along

a glimpse of some of my wednesday self-talk for you...
jordan: quit looking for the past in your present. it isn't there!

i just plucked my eyebrows in the starbucks parking lot...who am i?

today, i mentioned to a friend that i need a hammer, and the two women {who sit next to me at the coffee bar pretty much every day} both offered to bring me theirs tomorrow. i love community.

the two women in line right now both have on leopard print cardigans. i feel left out. why the crap don't i own one yet?

confession: i can't stop listening to lil freak {usher}, and i feel really bad for it :)
i was going to use this song for my lyrics today, but i can't even do it. it's too dirty!

"i'm a freak, but i ain't gon' lie...get nasty, get freaky, you sexy, you fine...go go go go girl"
{pibtull. sorry...i'm listening to my zumba playlist, and i just had to}


megan said...

i love this post! perfect for a wednesday. :) xo

ashlina said...

thanks jordan for the comments.
i heart your profile pic, i had to read that book too. argh! blogging can be so humbling.

great post today. will be following you
i heart chi town too.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

jordan: quit looking for the past in your present. it isn't there!

Summers said...

haha....thanks for the sweet comment on the blog!

Elizabeth said...

thank you for your oh so sweet comment on my blog =)

Taj Acosta said...

Hi doll, thanks for stopping by! this is a fab post! xoxo

pen.ny said...

Haha...I keep a tweezer in my purse at all times because plucking your eyebrows in the car during the day time is the best time ever to do it. Its the only place you can really see it ALL. No joke.

upatreecupatea said...

hahaha plucking eye brows in the starbucks parking lot! do what you gotta do.

(i have caterpillars on my face, gotta keep 'em in check!)