Sunday, March 7, 2010

thanks for makin' me a fighter

i'm about to start a fight and there is no one around to hold me back.

meet {what i now KNOW to be} the villain of the century...

he's stubborn.
he's tough.
he's ugly.
he's got the joker, ursula, and voldemort beat by a hundred-fold.

time for this bad boy to come down so that i can put up my cute, sweet shabby chic curtain.


Christina said...

i hope you were successful. good luck!

Jody and Emily said...

we had a similar situation in our closet. I'm sorry to say that it won.

blue eyed night owl said...

Good luck with that!
And great post btw :)

the Neo-Traditionalist said...

Love curtains in place of closet doors---and shabby chic too! You must post an "after" photo! XO