Wednesday, December 2, 2009

you're a hot mess & i'm fallin' for you

okay so i probably shouldn't be blogging right now, considering i have to write 3 papers, BUT...what can i say?

something that is on my mind this morning:

i bite my lip.

it's just something i do, and i've done it for as long as i can remember. i know that it is an awful habit, and i have no idea how it got started, but i'm just not sure that it is something i can be cured of.

i took a class in college called The Abused, and it got me all paranoid because my professor told us that things like biting your lip or picking at your cuticles are mild forms of self-mutilation! that seems a bit extreme right? so that entire semester i worked and worked to keep from biting my lip. that clearly got me nowhere.

anyway, i'm only writing about this because i think that i am beginning to develop a complex about it. i mean...what does this say about me? hopefully nothing, but for whatever reason, it has me feeling mildly concerned. i guess i'm also writing about it because my lip hurts :)

i'll be honest, i just feel like a little bit of a mess today. not physically, i actually think i look kind of cute (hee hee), but my mind is all over the place. so much that i couldn't even sleep this morning! this is huge for me; if there is one thing i do well, it is sleep. i don't know...maybe it is the end of the semester that has me in this condition. or perhaps my messy room. i just feel like things are slightly out of whack this week. maybe tonight's study break should consist of the nyc ballet workout video that i got from the library the other day. i need to clear my head.

what do you do to clear your head? i need some suggestions. in the mean time, i will press on in my hot mess ways...
my celebrity twin for the week

love. love. love.


sarah. said...

i listened to your winter song. mildly depressing. i'll have to give it another go. if i'm stressed i: a) get off the internet b) clean my room c) work out d) organize all i have to do into a time schedule e) eat fruit f) switch into total task-oriented swiemo mode and knock everything out and then watch a movie or drink "coffee." all in that a-f order. hope that helps you.

jordan said...

oh dang girl! pretty much the only things on your list that i actually enjoy are working out, eating fruit, and drinking "coffee"

and i love that "coffee" is at the end of your list. i mean...what better way to end a stressful day?

really...put winter song on repeat for a day, and it'll change your life.

Kara said...

I just came to your blog and I love it! But I don't know how to make you someone I follow? If you know how to solve that problem, let me know love!! Love you!