Thursday, December 3, 2009

just keep dancing, honey

this long and ridiculous week is coming to a close, and i must say- i'm pretty stoked.

4 papers
1 presentation
a million study breaks
about 20 cups of coffee
and all the hebrew vocab i can handle
it's friday.

in honor of this beloved day, i am sharing one of the greatest movie moments of all time:

this just doesn't get old.

here's to little kids, sleeping in, fun with friends, and the hebrew old testament. should be an exciting weekend! happy friday!


Joey Brisson said...

That was F_ckin hilarious!!! Great post, I was all grumpy this morning but now I am laughing. Thanks gain.

jordan said...

:) hee hee i'm glad you enjoyed it! hope your day has been good to you so far.