Wednesday, December 16, 2009

oklahoma living day 1


i am running on very little sleep; my eyes are burning. but i'm hoping to get a good 10 hours in tonight to make up for last night's pitiful excuse for "sleep". that's right i said it...10 hours.

the day has been filled with nothing but joy from the moment i saw my parents at the airport. have i mentioned that my mom and dad might be the most adorable people ever? well...bc of their hard work, i was able to come home to a house perfectly decorated for my favorite holiday.

i'm hoping to get some quality photos of our tree soon. this stranger tree will do for now...just to get the point across.

they also took me to one of oklahoma city's greatest little hangouts...

if life ever leads you to oklahoma, even if only for a brief moment, you must try it.


Joey Brisson said...

Are cuppies cupcakes?

jordan said...

yes they are! and they are yummy.