Sunday, December 20, 2009

oklahoma living day 5

i only have a few minutes, so i'm going to keep this brief. i just wanted to say hi. everything that i've been doing since i've been home has been completely fabulous, but i don't like neglecting my blog life. i just needed to pop in for a visit.

there is a little boy here, probably 3 years old no lie, and he just yelled this for the entire store to hear: "I DON'T LIKE MY MOCHA!!" i'm not sure if i think that is adorable or sad. let's go with sadly adorable.

also, there is a family by the window playing a game at their table. i can't tell what game it is, but i CAN tell that they are having fun. mother, father, daughter, son. so cute.

i've been taking pictures of my tulsa experiences with my blogger friends in mind. i have a goal to put some up tonight! no one in this darn town has wireless. ridiculous.

anyway, more to come. miss you tons.

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