Friday, November 20, 2009

uninspired...or am i?

so this is the first free moment that i've had to blog on this friday (woo hoo!), but you better believe that it's been on my mind all day long. in the transition from my last activity to the present, i was feeling sad because i thought that today's post would merely read "uninspired."

however, leave it to a good drive to bring inspiration. so these are my friday night thoughts:

i like music. okay okay, this much we know. but i REALLY like it. and what is even more- i like it LOUD.

i get such a rush when i'm driving and rocking out to some wicked tunes. i am pretty sure this horrid habit has completely jacked up two of stella's speakers. stella is my car by the way. anyway, i feel like such a high schooler for listening to music at such volumes, but i can't quit. and i won't.

so here's to all of my favorite musicians that get me going in club stella. you are good at what you do.

1 comment:

chels liane said...

haha love this! katie introduced me to amanda blank and apparently we are going to have one killer jam sesh in the car when you get home. cant wait!