Saturday, November 21, 2009



tonight i will be seeing the wine country home wreckers versus the sacred city sacrificers, and i pretty much couldn't be more stoked. my heart currently beats for this sport. though i love being a girly girl, and i'm incredibly grateful for the fact that i am sweet and delicate, i sometimes wish that i had it in me to be as fierce as these girls.

i would love to wear heavy eyeliner, have four different colors in my hair, and be completely decorated in tattoos. i would love to come up with a completely B.A. name that wholly represents my personality. and, moment of truth, i would LOVE to feel no guilt knocking other girls out from time to time. :)

however, this is so not me. this must be my rockstar alter-ego. don't worry, her identity is in the works. more to come.

challenge: do something fierce today. and don't feel bad about it.

wishing you a killer saturday.
and here's a hello to nate, the man behind the counter at starbucks. definite rockstar...i can tell.


christa elyce said...

i love ellen paige and can't wait to see that movie!
i had a perfect saturday. glad to hear you did too!

jordan said...

:) yes! Whip It is fantastic! you must see it! and ellen page is amazing. the movie has a delicious soundtrack, as well.

thank you for the comment!