Thursday, November 19, 2009

you're a pal and a confidant

ahh...mazzy star, fade into you, is playing right now. i just don't think i will ever grow tired of this song.
enjoying coffee and fruit this (barely) morning.

yesterday, when i was homeworking/blogging/coffeeing, there were these two adorable women sitting next to me, who spent a good chunk of the day just completely lost in conversation with each other. and today i look to my left, and see yet another pair of women, spending quality time discussing life and all that comes with it. they're also eating from a huge bag of lays potato chips, which i think is really cute.

i feel like most of my people-watching experiences at coffee shops are fully consumed with business. usually, when i look around, i see business partners sharing a not-so-fuzzy conversation about the best approach to making more money and increasing status.

but this is a lovely change.

confession: i <3 relationships. i am an extreme extrovert. therefore, i kind of love looking around me and finding that there are other people like me in the world. people who want to know and be known by others. i feel like i'm watching a sappy chick flick right now. this is ALMOST as exciting to me as the moment when kathleen kelly stands, waiting in riverside park, only to find that it IS, in fact, joe fox who comes to her rescue.

i won't lie, while this moment makes me incredibly happy and puts a warm cozy feeling in my chest, it is also causing me to feel slightly wompy. i would give anything to call up my bff and my sister to invite them to join me for sushi (our favorite bonding experience). or to do more than merely tell my mom about my favorite new drink, but to actually go to the coffee shop with her to share in her first experience with it.

so to all of you who have a beloved best friend (who shares your zip code), i would encourage you to call her up and head down to the local coffee shop (lays potato chips in hand) for a quality workout of the soul. as for me, i am anxiously awaiting my daily 1 o'clock phone call from my bff. this over-the-phone-while-siting-in-a-coffee shop thing will have to do...until december, at least.

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Hillary said...

friend, if only we were even close to the same zip code right now!!! i would love to catch up and enjoy a yummy fall coffee with you! i miss you and love you. and i also get a warm, cozy feel in my chest when kathleen realizes that it WAS him the whole time. let's go to new york together.