Thursday, January 21, 2010

we are peculiar people, this i know

i'm sitting in starbucks right now, and laughing to/at myself for being so obsessed with
  jai ho! you are my destiny
sarah and i requested it in class this morning {bc we were the only 2 zumba-ing at 7am}
you better believe that i worked extra hard today to remember the moves to this song :)


stella just got new shoes!
translation: i got new tires on my car this morning

as i was driving home {in the rain}
i found myself driving suuuupppppeeeerrr slllooooowwww
and i realized that i am still so afraid that stella is going to hydro-plane
{she has a bit of bad history, which is how i knew it was time to take her shoe shopping}

i am such a girl
i {in classic jordan form} then proceeded to develop a life-application:

i {like you and everyone else}
have driven on some rainy roads in life
particularly in the area of relationships
{and i don't just mean the ever-popular rom com kind}
yes, with boys, but also with friends and just life in general

and the moments in my past,
when it felt like i was going too fast and losing control,
have caused me to drive through life with a little bit of anxiety

i think i'm moving 15 mph under the speed limit
bc i'm afraid my heart can't quite handle the terrain

but it can.

my old, worn-out tires have {hopefully} been recycled
it's time to go the speed limit
and drive without fear
{while still practicing caution, of course}

anyway...this is jordan in the midst of her tendency to over-think
hopefully at least one of my friends gets where i am coming from
but if not...that's okay
i get me {usually}
hee hee

have a lovely thursday

"we were born, yeah {we were} we were born to fly"
peculiar people


sarah. said...

i get you. have we ever had the "people are road signs" conversation? i'm guessing not. next time we sit down and see each other, i'm layin it on ya.

yay for jai ho! :)

angela hardison said...

i had the same exact experience driving home today. scared out of my mind. i need new tires.