Monday, January 18, 2010

take my hand, we'll hide 'til it's over

things here are rainy.

i love the rain.

i love the sunshine, too.
i guess they each bring with them their own lovely dispositions.

the rain makes me want to do one of two things:

light the candles.
turn on the twinkle lights.
curl up next to someone special.
watching sweet movies.

go play.
my sophomore year of college,
there was this ridiculously rainy day.
my bff and i decided the only appropriate thing to do
was to go outside and play.
we ran around, dancing and making rain angels,
then came inside completely soaked.

i. love. the rain.

have a beautiful day, friends.

"there is nothing left to lose, so hold onto me, i'll hold onto you."
corner {allie moss}
on repeat today.


Nicole Marie said...

i love the rain too. just when i'm bundled inside :)

Joey Brisson said...

Hey, I have candles! I like the candles burning
window open, and blankies pulled up to my
chin. :) I like reading your stuff.