Sunday, January 17, 2010

girls really do just wanna have fun

umm...i love kids. i really really do.

these two are completely presh.
{in all of tonight's pictures, olivia was so close to the computer that it looks like she is missing her nose}
hee hee

here's what happens every time i have a play date with them:
1. i get attacked by their dog, who is just too incredibly cute feisty.
2. the girls beat the dog, then i lead him safely away from them, and into the parents room.
3. fiesta time! which includes {but is not limited to}:
  • moving our hips {like yeah} to party in the usa
  • tent-building, science experiments, and/or photo sessions
  • tracing our hands and coloring in jewelry and painted nails
  • drinking silk {or as they call it, smilk} :)
  • back scratching/story time

tonight gabby said,
"we don't have school tomorrow because of martin luther king.
it's his birthday, but he died. and he didn't even get to see the world!"

between that and her explanation of the "lucky spot"
on her back, as i was scratching it,
i found myself laughing long after the girls fell asleep.