Tuesday, January 26, 2010

so sexy it hurts


yesterday, bff and i were attempting to determine which of the 2 we are.
{scarlett johansson asks men this question, we prefer to just ask ourselves}

naturally, we both went with cute and funny.
...that seemed safe.

but isn't it interesting to sit and determine what kind of girl {or guy} you are?
how do i see myself?
how do other people see me?

we also concluded that it is difficult to be sexy without another person involved. yes, you may just BE sexy, completely independent of anything or anyone else, but it's tough to feel that.
and what is the point of being sexy {or cute or funny or smart} without someone else around to appreciate it?? :)

but i'd like to believe that i am sexy.
with or without a man to appreciate it.
if i don't feel that on my own, i'm never going to feel that with him.

how would you identify yourself?

ps. boy, if you read this...these are just the thoughts of girl. don't over-think :)


Tambra said...

I love that you have a label "over-thoughts." You are the perfect girl. I agree, now married, it's best to be sexy when someone can appreciate it.

pretty young things said...

We're the same! My friends and I all decided we were "cute and funny" as well. I think I prefer it that way, I rather be funny than anything else!

And I adore your blog, too! Your blogging for dummies picture is hilarious!!

A "cheery" disposition said...

I love that movie and have played the same game : )

Kelly said...

so so true!! we have to love ourselves in order to be happy with someone else. i love all the sexy talk though :) i think feeling sexy is a very important feeling for women...it's a necessity!!!