Tuesday, January 19, 2010

come and dance with me

{hi again}
still having fun with the itunes gift card i got a couple weeks ago.
i don't usually hold onto these for very long. 2 weeks might be a record :)

most recent purchases:
first day of my life {bright eyes}
it makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.
your arms around me {jens lekman}
nothing against lekman, but maybe i'd be okay with only listening to the instrumental part. delish.
jai ho! you are my destiny {a.r. rahman and the pussycat dolls}
i recently saw slumdog AND our zumba instructor used this in our last class. absolutely perf.

...ps, i'm not really much of a {pink} girl, but i'm currently obsessed with using this color in my posts

i picked up a book at the library tonight...

seems like it has the potential to be alarmingly scandalous,
but for some reason i just felt like i needed to read it.
i think a lot of it has to do with the font on the cover.

"yours is the first face that i saw. i think i was blind before i met you."
{bright eyes}


sarah. said...

i just bought that bright eyes song, too. *soulmates* ha.

kelly summers said...

I LOVE that Birght Eyes song. I played it for matt when we were dating...dont puke please. Go my Lecrae's "praying for you" and "beautiful feet"