Monday, December 7, 2009

we got more bounce

i live here.

i catch myself saying this all the time.

i mean...don't get me wrong! i'm super grateful to have a place to go home to! especially one that experiences all 4 seasons in dramatic ways. BUT come on...

that is just delightful.

not to mention...
palm trees
big bridges
major league baseball
excellent concerts
really good radio
{seriously, way better music than what is played in oklahoma. and NO, i'm not just referring to country}

one of my favorite california memories thus far:

and right now i'm listening to marianne {matt wertz}
"california's come and gone, now i got my mind back on the open air and you on hwy one. baby ever since that day, i'm tryin' to get back to that place when everything was right under the sun."
i just love it. i feel like it puts the perfect image in my mind of all that california represents to me. delicious.


sarah. said...

fantastic pictures!!! i love it here, too!! :)

Joey Brisson said...

California has all the bounce!