Wednesday, December 9, 2009

they hear we got swagger

i had another club stella moment this morning.

i felt like a total rockstar- music up way too loud, huge/ridiculous sunglasses, and a hairstyle that was just screaming HOT MESS.  i'm telling you, there are few things better in life than hopping into the car and rocking out. i probably talk about this too much, but i can't help it. it makes me happy.

this is  my jam:

{btw did you notice her fabulous gold toe nails??}

it is SO delicious. such a wholesome RAD song :) and it makes me smile. there is no way you can sit still when this song comes on. i've seriously got it on repeat this morning.

i'm supposed to be cleaning right now. i should also probably be studying for tomorrow's old testament final. or writing a paper that is due tomorrow.

okay...i'm doing it. i'm going to clean. right now. BUT i'm keeping this song on repeat. i think it's the only way it'll get done!

oh and ps- i'm learning to crochet next week! i'm pretty amped, not gonna lie.

okay HAPPY HUMP DAY to you all. love you long time.


sarah. said...

can't see the first picture!! what is it? also--your posts make me happy. so happy that i can't write my sappy sagas. ;)

jordan said...

the first thing is a music video! did it not show up?? booooo.

SARAH i need your sappy sagas! i need some inspiration to find depth. fun can't happen all the time; that's not realistic.