Monday, December 14, 2009

growin' old, but not quite growin' up

okay so i know that i have been unfaithful, and have not kept my promise. please forgive me. i'm back.

guess what i'm not doing tonight? i'm not going to hebrew. you know why? hebrew is dead to me. haha. sorry...this is the season of celebration, and i just thought that i should celebrate.

so i'm a dork, and i always totally over-analyze moments with children. i take little things about their lives and try to find way too much meaning in them. :) here's how this one goes...

last friday, i was babysitting tigger (adorable little red-head who dressed up as tigger for halloween and is now obsessed), and as we were reading a book about dinosaurs, tigger decided that he wanted to identify everyone on the page. so i hear, "tyrannosaurus rex!" "tyrannosaurus rex!" "tyrannosaurus rex!" "mommy!!!" "tyrannosaurus rex!" and so on and so on.

"mommy" was a scientist btw.

this just made me laugh. like...he sees a dino, he thinks t-rex. he sees a grown woman, he thinks mommy. it's amazing to me how simple life was at 2 and a half. i didn't over-think all of my relationships. i didn't worry about money or school or the oil in my car. all that i knew was who i loved, who loved me, and what was fun.

not that i'm complaining about life as an adult. at 2 and a half, i couldn't understand the depth of meaningful relationships. i didn't know how to thoroughly enjoy the beauty of a great view of the mountains or a colorful sunset. i like life as an adult.

maybe the greatest thing about the experience of watching him in his world was just the joy of seeing his innocence. there is so much to come in his life, but for now he is just going to enjoy mommy and t-rex. and though i do not want to go back to that state of mind, i want to continue learning and growing and really living, it would be nice to be able to just take the simple things in life and tune everything else out.

anyway...he's cute. i really just couldn't help but smile at that.

okay, i'm off to watch a Christmas movie. thank you for reading and remaining faithful. ytb. (translation: you're the best)

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Brandon said...

You are right on about all of that. We always wish to grow up when we are young and wish to be young again we grow old.

I think back to the good ol' days where all I worried about was if anyone could come out and play. Now I don't even have time to 'play'

I over-analyze life too. Always, second guessing myself or looking over my shoulder and just can't seem to stop.

Keep the blogs going I enjoy them, even if I don't always comment.