Monday, November 16, 2009

this little light

today is a music day. mondays make the BEST music days because a good tune can totally make or break your day. with the right playlist, a monday can be as delightful as any other day of the week. dare i say even a friday??

train is currently rocking my world. they really got it right with these words...

"the way you can cut a rug, watchin' you's the only drug i need"

a little sway is just the only appropriate response i could come up with for this song.

and now for the lyrics of my soul:
from sunshine song by jason mraz

i wanna walk the same roads as everybody else
through the trees and past the gates
getting high on heavenly breezes
making new friends along the way

i won't ask much of nobody
i'm just here to sing along
and make my mistakes look gracious
and learn some lessons from my wrongs

but sometimes the sun shines on other people's houses and not mine
somedays the clouds paint the sky all gray
and it takes away my summer time
somehow the sun keeps shining upon you, while i struggle to get mine
a little light never hurt nobody, send out your ray of sunshine

oh if this little light of mine combined with yours today
how many watts could we luminate
how many villages could we save
well my umbrella's tired of the weather wearing me down
well look at me now

thank you jason mraz for being so fantastic. and thank you to my best friend, chel, for introducing me to this portrayal of his greatness.
wishing you sunshine on this monday. and may you add a little sunshine to someone else's life :)

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Mr Brisson said...

Nice song! A great choice for a Monday!