Sunday, November 15, 2009

s-u-n-d-a-y treasures

ahh...the weekend is coming to a close. ordinarily this would make me very upset, but i am happy to report that it doesn't seem so bad tonight. nothing too extreme on the sched this week, except thursday night is the midnight showing of new moon! AND next week is READING WEEK! nothing to dread and plenty to look forward to. fabulous.

here is a quick recap of my sunday. though some of the elements you will see may confuse you, just trust that each contributed to what was an all-together delightful day.

watching 3 boys discover the best way to lay sod = entertaining

hee hee hee

totally found season one for $15

i definitely bought 8 new bottles tonight
...have you discovered my weaknesses yet?? :)

so i am wrapping up my day with a little quality jordan time- nail painting, a viewing of the holiday, christmas lights and candles. a toast to the new week and all that is to come. goodnight friendsies.


ps- leggings and a hoodie are truly exemplary models of the perfection of snuggling up in cold weather

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