Tuesday, November 24, 2009

there's something you should know

i was writing out some thoughts on another "hello" post, but it was starting to sound super emo. i'm pretty private with my emotions, and i've decided that i'm not ready to elaborate on all those details of my life just yet. not for the entire world to see anyway. :) my friend sarah says that it's very liberating...maybe someday.


i WILL share something with you that i don't think i've mentioned yet. and let me just say that it is amazing to me that i've gone this long without bringing this up! you wanna know what one of my favorite things in life is?

bridges. aren't they fabulous?
this is the pedestrian bridge in tulsa, oklahoma. it's probably the bridge that is closest to my heart. so far.

here are a few more. ugh i just love them!

really, how fantastic is that?

this is a picture taken from manhattan, with woody allen
and i won't lie...maybe i love what is going on in this picture as much as i love the actual bridge itself. i'm a girl, what can i say?

so now you know. i have a thing for bridges.


Mr Brisson said...

I think it's wonderful.

sarah. said...

it is liberating. i promise. :) also--bridges are my #1, too. fun, friend!!