Wednesday, November 25, 2009

thank you very much

i'm thinking i won't have time to blog in the morning, so today's post will be in honor of tomorrow's holiday. and today's- happy thanksgiving eve!

today i am (MOST) thankful for: the wonderful people in my life. i'm grateful to have new people in my world, who are here to enjoy life's simple pleasures with me on a regular basis. and i'm grateful for my closest friends and family back home, who will always love and care for me no matter where i go or what i do.

christmas movies
my purple eyeliner from MAC
mac, my computer (and constant companion)
major league baseball

and do you know what i hadn't even thought of until this very moment? my FAVORITE part of the holiday. which then led me to think of my FAVORITE part of my FAVORITE part. so here are the two, perfectly combined in this lovely photo:

oh how i adore the radio city rockettes. they rock my world :)

enjoy being with the ones you love

. . . OR the ones you like a whole lot ;-)

. . . . . . OR just new people all together.

"...that my heart may sing to You and not be silent. o Lord my God, i will give You thanks forever." psalm 30:12

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